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"Zen mind is our true nature."

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What is Zen Mind?

“Each of us exists dependently, yet independently. “

A great Zen master called Tao Zen once wrote, the blue mountain is the father of the white cloud, the white cloud is the son of the blue mountain. All day long they depend on each other, without being dependant on each other.

The white cloud is always the white cloud, the blue mountain is always the blue mountain.

This was Tao Zen’s interpretation of life, that each of us, like the white cloud exists dependently, yet independently.

“Keep going, leaving no trace, no past, without effort, without intentions. “

When conditions change, the cloud changes, and adjusts to keep going, leaving no trace, no past, this is the zenway, without effort, without intentions.

If their is a sound we hear, if our eyes are open we see, their is nothing more than this.

“Living with nature let you find your own way.”

Like a stream that flows down a mountain it finds its own path, living with nature is finding your own way.

This is the way of the Dao (Chinese: “The Way”), and it is found in Zen.

“Allow the stream to carry you, its strength becomes yours. “

If we try to block the stream or resist it, it will simply go around, without a pause, it will find its own way. This way is like a fallen leaf moving along a stream, if you allow the stream to carry you, its strength becomes yours, you are one with nature, without clinging, without attachment, leaving the past behind, living in this moment.

“We are all as one. “

When you look at the forest, do not look at the trees as separate or apart, but as one, this is the forest, like wise do not differentiate yourself apart from others, or the world outside.

The search for self realization is powered by our anxieties, and our fears which feed our egos, causing frustration with our daily life.

Selfishness, jealousy, anger, and hate, which unconsciously serve to protect us, and in doing so, set us in opposition to everyone and everything, to awaken to this realization is the practice of Zen.

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What is a Beautiful Life?

“There is a beautiful flower next to you.

There is a beautiful moon above you.

The mind that is noticing these little things is absolutely  beautiful.”

What is your beautiful life like?

Have a moment to think about it today.

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